A  W  A  A  Y

Alabama Women in AA YEA!

The AWAAY Conference this year will be Saturday, November 7 from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm.

It is a ZOOM Event.  In addition, it will  be free of charge. 

Donations are welcome! 

Number:  934 3482 8793

Passcode:  020649


9:00 am                Brief Introduction, Preamble, How It Works, Traditions

9:15 am                Morning Speaker – Terri McD.  Auburn, AL

10:00 am              Anonymity in the Digital Age

11:00 am              Service Work and Helping Newcomers in these Trying Times

12:00 noon          Old-Timer Panel of Great Wisdom

1:00 pm                The Family AFTER the Alcoholic Mom

2:00 pm                Love and Tolerance aka Anger Management

3:00 pm                Acceptance, Gratitude and Living Through Fear in Isolation 

4:00 pm                Evening Speaker – Edith P, Omaha, NE


We will be using the Chat function on ZOOM and have set up an AWAAY e-mail address.

Everyone EXCEPT the speaker will be muted.  (Background noise from 100-200-300 folks must be avoided.)  The e-mail address is as follows:  AWAAYcontact@yahoo.com.


For the workshops, ladies can send in their questions via the ZOOM CHAT function or send an e-mail.

The questions will then be fed to the panelist so that they can answer them in the session.